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Cleaning Your Pet Hedgehog’s Cage: A Quick How-To Guide

Cleaning Your Pet Hedgehog Cage A Quick How-To Guide

In order to keep your pet hedgehog healthy and happy, his or her cage will need to be fully cleaned every 1-2 weeks. Some owners prefer to spot clean the cage every day or two to keep the cage tidy and then do a thorough cleaning every two weeks. Others prefer to do a once per week full cleaning and skip the daily spot cleaning. Either way will help to eliminate odors and provide your hedgie with a good living environment.

This is my recommended hedgehog cage cleaning process:

  1. Start by dumping out the bedding into a trash bag or compost.
  2. Fill a utility sink, bath tub or large sink with very warm/hot water and detergent such as Dawn (my personal choice). The detergent should remain the same each and every time that you clean the cage. Hedgehogs do not like change!
  3. To make cleaning easy, let everything soak, especially the wheel, for about 10 minutes before scrubbing. I like to use sponges, pot and pan brushes for scrubbing and a bottle brush for water bottles.
  4. While everything soaks, now is a great time to do a quick health check-up on your hedgehog. Check the eyes and ears for any discharge. Feel for any unusual lumps and look for cuts or scrapes that might need attention. Clip toenails if necessary.
  5. Once you have scrubbed and rinsed the cage and accessories, add clean bedding and place items back in the cage.

Hedgie will now be happy to have a new clean home! You can reward him / her with a tasty mealworm treat.

If you have questions on your hedgehog cage setup, feel free to contact us! We also offer our recommended hedgehog cage setup in our online store.

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