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Hedgehog Snuggle Sack – A Great Way to Bond with Your Hedgehog

Hedgehog Snuggle Sack - A Great Way to Bond with Your Hedgehog
The day is finally here! You have been waiting months to pick up your new pet hedgehog and bring it home. While this can be a super exciting time for you, it can be quite the opposite for your hedgehog. At first your hedgehog will be nervous and need to take some time to get used to not only its new home, but you as well. That is where the snuggle sack can help.

What is a Snuggie Sack?

A snuggie sack is a comfortable type of small sleeping bag made of from a soft fabric (usually a durable fleece). Hedgehogs naturally enjoy burrowing into the ground or some type of shelter to feel safe. The snuggle sack allows them to do this while in their cage or while being held. Having a snuggle sack on hand for when you first get your pet hedgehog is helpful as it gives them a place to hide and feel protected while getting used to their new environment.

Using the Snuggie Sack to Bond

When you first get your pet hedgehog and try to hold it, it may be very shy at first…scrunching up into a prickly ball. You have to remember that the hedgehog is being introduced to all sorts of new smells and sensations which take some time to get used to.
This is where the snuggle sack can help! Putting your hedgehog in the snuggle sack and setting it on your lap while relaxing in your home allows the hedgehog to get used to being near you. You can sit down and read a book, play a game on your mobile device, or watch some TV…all while having your hedgehog relaxing with you inside its snuggle sack. By being near you on a regular basis, your hedgehog will become accustomed to your body scent and being held by you…and will become less and less shy as the days go by.

Like Any Pet, Patience is Required

When you get a new cat or dog, it takes time for them to learn who you are and that you are their parent now. The same goes for a hedgehog. If you want the hedgehog to enjoy your company, you need to have patience and take some time each day to get your hedgie used to being around you. The snuggle sack is a perfect way to do this while being able to relax as well on your own.
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