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Keeping Your Hedgehog Warm: Preventing Your Hedgehog from Hibernating

Keeping Your Hedgehog Warm - Preventing Your Hedgehog from Hibernating

We have covered before how great hedgehogs are as pets and how low maintenance they are to care for. However one of the most important aspects of hedgehog care is keeping them in a warm environment. If a hedgehog is not given a warm area to sleep and spend most of its time, it can become chilly, go into hibernation, and eventually die.

The good news is that keeping your hedgehog warm is easily done with a very affordable heating pad!

Controlling the Temperature of an Entire Room is Difficult and Costly

While you can keep your hedgehog in a temperature controlled room (between 75º – 80º), doing so can be costly. You need to ensure the room is always 75º or warmer, which is not always possible given the location you may keep your hedgehog. Your house temperature may be warm enough, but is your hedgehog being kept in a colder area of the house? Also, if this is warmer than you normally keep your house temperature, your electric or heating bill is going to go up!

Heating Pads for Hedgehogs

heating pad
Our recommended heating pad is the [K&H Small Animal Heating Pad.
The easiest way to guarantee your hedgehog has a warm place to stay is by placing a heating pad underneath or in its cage.

Our recommended heating pad is the K&H Small Animal Heating Pad. We have been using this brand of heating pad for years with our hedgehogs. They are reliable, durable, easy to clean, and maintain a nice warm surface temperature for your hedgehog.

To our customers who purchase one of our Hedgehog Cage Kits, we recommend placing the K&H Heating Pad underneath the area of the cage where your hedgehog’s hideout / hut resides. This gives your hedgehog a nice warm area within its house to sleep and be super cozy and warm.

The heated pad can also be placed inside the cage, under the bedding, if you keep your home below 70 degrees.

How Can I Tell if My Hedgehog is Warm Enough?

If your hedgehog is not warm enough in its living environment, it will exhibit any one of the following symptoms:

  • Sleeps often
  • Lethargic
  • Body cool to the touch
  • Wobbling or falling over
  • Reduced appetite

When you feed your hedgehog, it is a good idea to do a daily check on them to make sure they are looking healthy and not showing any of the symptoms above.

Using our recommended heating pad will help ensure your hedgehog has a warm enough spot to stay to avoid any chances of hibernation.

Do you have a question related to keeping your hedgehog warm and healthy? Drop us a line and we will be happy to help!

4 thoughts on “Keeping Your Hedgehog Warm: Preventing Your Hedgehog from Hibernating

  1. Hi I bought the small animal heating pad for my hedgehog, I wanted to know if it’s safe to put his wooden hutch on top

    1. Carolyn – We would NOT recommend sitting anything heavier than 20 lbs on top of the heated pad. Also the heat may not penetrate the wood well enough to help the hedgehog. We would recommend putting the heated pad inside the hutch where the hedgehog can access it directly to get the full benefit.

  2. Hi. I’m a new headgehog owner I got her in September I keep her in my living room because it’s warmer than my room. I want to move her into my room so she’s away from the noise In the living room. My room is normaly around 65 degrees. If I put this pad in her cage with a few blankets and her home will it keep her warm enough? Even tho the rest of the cage will be cooler?

    1. Yes, it would be warm enough. As long as the heated pad stays inside the cage where it can keep your hedgie warm.

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