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The Top 5 Reasons Hedgehogs Make Great Pets

The Top 5 Reasons Hedgehogs Make Great Pets

We may be obviously bias, but hedgehogs are one of the best pets you can have! Let’s begin this article by saying that any pet requires your time and responsibility as an owner to be sure they are happy and healthy, including hedgehogs. However, they do not require as much time as a dog or cat, but can provide just as much fun and entertainment. Let’s look at a few of reasons that hedgehogs make great pets:

1. Hedgehogs are Low Maintenance

To take care of your hedgehog, you will need to make sure they have fresh clean water and feed them once a day. You will also need to ensure that they are in a warm room and/or have a heated pad and have light in their room during the day. As with any caged pet, you will need to clean their cage once a week, but that is very easy to do (see our how-to guide).

2. Hedgehogs Don’t Smell

If you have ever had a pet mouse, turtle or ferret you may know how quickly their cage can start to emit a stinky smell (even if you clean it often). Hedgehogs themselves do not smell at all (at least nothing noticeable to the human nose). Cage odors can be kept very low with weekly cage cleanings.

3. Hedgehogs are Hypoallergenic

Do you sniffle and sneeze when around cats or dogs? Well, you are very unlikely to do so with a hedgehog! Hedgehogs produce very little dander, which is the usual cause for animal allergies. It is extremely rare that hedgehog dander produces any sort of reaction. If people have an allergic reaction to a hedgehog, it is usually from small pricks of the hedgehog’s quills that have been contaminated with another allergen.

4. Hedgehogs Don’t Get Sad or Mad if You are Busy

Hedgehogs are solitary animals, so they will not get depressed or angry if you do not have loads of time to play with them. Hedgehogs do bond with you (using a snuggle sack is a great way to do so), and enjoy spending time having fun outside of their cage with your supervision. However, they won’t be angry if you have work to do or are too busy for a few days for play time. NOTE: It is important to get your hedgehog out every day to be sure he is not ill or injured.

5. Hedgehogs are Cute and Fun!

This goes without saying but we’ll add it to the end of the list anyway. Just look at some of these pictures to prove it!

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